Two Must-Know Bourbon Cocktails for Every Host

I love hosting adult-y parties in our apartment. This past Thanksgiving, we hosted a “Friendsgiving” at our place, and had some friends over and we all stuffed our faces with some yummy Thanksgiving delicacies. But my point of pride from the event was the bar setup. I had recipes for at least ten unique cocktails requiring all different types of spirits (from Mezcal, my current fave, to gin, vodka, and bourbon), juices/mixers (cranberry, grapefruit, apple, ginger beer, lemon, lime), syrups (I got fancy with my honey and regular simple syrup, y’all), bitters, and garnishes (thyme, oranges, cherries, limes, apples). The drinks ranged from a smoky grapefruit flavor profile to a honey-lemon bourbon cocktail and cranberry mules. Yummy.

Bourbon cocktail photo
Photo by Michael Mroczek on Unsplash

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