Best Nitro Cold Brew in Manhattan

Welcome back summertime! I am a big coffee drinker, but am not fond of sipping a hot cup of joe when it is 100 degrees out. Therefore, especially in the sweat-inducing heat, I cannot get enough of coffee’s latest trend, nitro cold brew coffee. First introduced to the world only a few years ago, nitro cold brew is, simply put, cold brew coffee infused with nitrogen. The result is a smooth, creamy, and less bitter coffee that resembles, and tastes a bit like, a stout (think Guinness). Nitro brew is also less acidic, hence easier on the belly, than a regular cup of joe. Additionally, on average, a cup has a higher caffeine content (at Starbucks, about twice as much as a regular iced coffee). And frankly, it is just freakin’ delicious, especially on a hot summer day.

Nitro cold brew is becoming more popular, in large part thanks to¬†Starbucks’ recent decision to offer nitro cold brew at over 500 locations nationwide. While its becoming increasingly common, nitro cold brew is still not among the offerings at most coffee shops.

Since I discovered nitro brew, I have been on a personal mission to find the best Manhattan has to offer. These are some of my favorites so far:

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