Gotham Girls Roller Derby

Okay, so we might be really behind the times on this one. But just this past Sunday, we went to our first ever roller derby game! And we were lucky because it wasn’t just any game… it was the Gotham Girls Roller Derby Championship! Hosted at John Jay College in Midtown, the game was between the top 2 ranked home teams, the Queens of Pain and the Brooklyn Bombshells. And we had an absolute blast!

Gotham Girls Roller Derby

To those who don’t know about the Gotham Girls Roller Derby, the league consists of four home teams (who play each other). The league also has four away teams who play teams across the country and internationally. Many of the badass derby ladies are on both a home team and a travel team. And unlike in decades past, the teams play on a flat track, which allows more flexibility with the venue and brings the audience closer to the action.

The 2017 season started in March and consisted of 6 regular season games. A few weeks ago, the two other GGRD home teams, Bronx Gridlock and Manhattan Mayhem matched up to determine the 3rd place championship. After a close game, Manhattan Mayhem took the bronze.

Gotham Girls Roller Derby Championship - Brooklyn Bombshells vs. Queens of Pain

Championship Game

The Queens of Pain quickly opened a big lead to start the game. But the underdog Brooklyn Bombshells spent the rest of the first half meticulously closing the margin and even took a lead into the half.

In the second half, each team traded points, with the Bombshells maintaining a several point lead (that they had secured at the end of the first half). In the latter parts of the second half, the Bombshells unexpectedly expanded their lead with the help of MVP and all-around badass “V.Diva.” However, as expected, the Queens of Pain fought back. After forcefully closing the gap in the final minutes, it became clear that the championship would be decided on the final jam. ┬áDespite holding the lead, the Queens of Pain found a way to tie the game on the last jam of the game, securing the comeback, tying the match, and sending the game into a very rare overtime.

Going into the 2-minute overtime, it felt like the Queens of Pain would continue to drop the hammer. However, the Brooklyn Bombshells defiantly opened a quick lead that they would not relinquish. And shortly after the two minutes expired, the Brooklyn Bombshells, despite being underdogs this year, would hoist the Gotham Girls Roller Derby championship trophy for the second straight year.

The game was a really fun, and family-friendly environment. The league had pulled together professional setup, with beer, snacks, and swag for sale (I bought a GGRD tank). Not to mention the street skating halftime show and raffles,

Ken and I are officially converts to the sport and would HIGHLY recommend anyone check out future roller derby events. The home team season will start up again in Spring 2018, so keep your eyes open for tickets! And any tough ladies interested in joining the Gotham Girls Roller Derby, tryouts start October 14, 2017.

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